Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

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Liputan6.com, London: 
Member of Commission I Juwarno True said the alleged corruption case the Regional Infrastructure Fund Adjustment (DPID) with the suspect Wa Ode Nurhayati, full of political overtones.

"Shades of political viscous, whereas pengaduanya it can serve as a whistleblower who tried to uncover the inside, let alone as if she was targeted, even he who dikenain," True said on the sidelines of PAN Conggress in PRJ, Jakarta, Sunday (11/12 ).

According to him, all aspects of the evidence must be considered. True to even claim to have clarified directly against Wa Ode is ready to help if it should be loading-demolition.

"Wa Ode hold a lot of data really. It is alleged (Wa Ode) was once klarifiasi in internal, including the statement he promised to do for example if he's ready issued," he said.

Firm also denies to this day he has not heard about the acknowledgment of receipt of money. "Until now Wa Ode said never received it. So the pattern caloan. As if fighting for local (success fie)," he explained.

The same denials came from the Secretary General of the PAN, Taufik Kurniawan. Until now, he had never heard of any cash inflows to the PAN. Problem arrest Wa Ode, Taufik still respecting the existing legal process. "No, I have not heard of. Engga there, because the evidence is not there," he said. (ASW / ADO)

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